Habit Tracker Excel Template, Excel Spreadsheet

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🌱 Plant a Tree As You Develop Your Habits 🌳
Designed to be beautiful, simple and unobstructive, this Habit Tracker Excel template uses a simple “plant a tree each day” concept to motivate users to practice their daily habits in a fun, relaxing and unique way. Watch as you sapling grows to a tree🌳 as you check off your habits. How many trees can you grow in each month? With our intuitive excel dashboard, you can view at a glance on how well you are developing your habits by looking at the trees you’ve grown and the charts.

🌱 This is a yearly habit planner, monthly habit tracker, weekly habit tracker, daily habit tracker compiled into one excel spreadsheet template. It can also serve as a daily tracker or goal tracker or daily checklist or daily to do list templates for your routine tasks. Whether it is to achieve better health, a better work/life balance or simply finding more time for the things you love, this excel habit planner / digital goal planner template can help you every step of the way.

πŸƒ Productivity Chart & Streaks System πŸƒ
Track habits, plan your daily routine and stay motivated with our ultimate Habit Tracker Excel Planner Template! Develop your monthly, weekly and daily habits through our specially constructed streaks system and productivity chart. Our productivity chart gives you an overview on the percentage of habits you’ve done for each day. Next, our color coded streak system allows you to see your current streak, which you should work to maintain. Besides that, it also keeps a record of your longest streak, which you can look back on for a sense of accomplishment.

βœ”οΈ 1 Excel workbook with 14 tabs
– 1 tab for Yearly Habit Planner
– 1 tab for Monthly Habit Tracker
– 12 tabs for weekly & daily habit tracker of each month
βœ”οΈ 1 PDF file containing instructions

βœ”οΈ Only works on Excel
❌ Does not work on Google Sheets
❌ Cannot convert to Google Sheets

🌱 Instant download
🌱 Automatically counts the number of habits completed and not completed
🌱 Automatically calculates the percentage completed with a progress bar.
🌱 A sapling will be planted each day
🌱 Sapling will grow to a tree based on the percentage of habits completed for the day. (5 stages)
🌱 Streaks! – Keep track of your current streak and longest streak for each habit (1 – 31 MAX)
🌱 Color coded – The higher the streak, the brighter the highlighted color is!
🌱 Beautifully constructed productivity chart
🌱 Cells with formulas, images and charts are protected (without password) to prevent accidental edits
🌱 (If you would like to edit and customize them further, kindly follow the instructions provided to unprotect the sheets)
🌱 Separated areas for monthly habits, weekly habits and daily habits
🌱 You can ADD extra rows within the table to track more habits! (Instructions provided)
🌱 Fully editable and customizable (Feel free to change it into a health tracker, medication intake tracker and more!)
🌱 Minimalistic green color theme to go with the Tree Planting concept

βœ”οΈ Microsoft Excel

βœ”οΈ An Excel File.
βœ”οΈ A PDF file containing instructions.

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